Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Four Quick, Easy and Cheap Preschool Activities

I love searching other blogs online to get ideas for activities to do with my daughter. Most ideas I find are great, but I don't always have the materials on hand. Here are some ideas that I have given a new spin on by using things that I have around my house. 

The first activity I have, I found on several different blogs. It is a great fine motor activity for kids. The blogs that I saw share this activity used all different kinds of Parmesan cheese holders. I don't have a Parmesan cheese holder so I tired to think of a way to duplicate it without having to go to the store. I was looking though my recyclables and found a clear container. I got out my hole punch. Folding the lid in half and I punched several holes in it. I then cut some pipe cleaners that were stowed away in a art bucket. Long enough to poke out of the top of the lid when put through the holes, but short enough to fit sideways inside the container when storing.

The second activity I created, I found again on several of my favorite blogs. Another great fine motor skill and a life skill. Not very many thing have buttons anymore, but this is still an important skill to learn. Most examples of this idea were great, but not very cute. I wanted mine to be more girly so I cut out flowers colorful felt. It is very simple to make and it is an excellent quiet time activity.

The Third activity I have seen a lot of moms use on there blogs. This great free printable I found on 1+1+1=1 they have a variety of great learning resources for children. I adore there tot books. This fun activity goes with one of my daughters favorite books. She loves to do this activity and then read the book. This activity will help your child learn there colors, and it is filled with familiar animals too. We love to make all the sounds that the animals make in the book.

The last activity is Dress up dolls. I have seen several adorable dress up dolls here and there on blogs. Some out of paper, or foam, but mine I  made out of felt. This dress up set is for when my daughter want to play on her own with our felt board. Again very easy to make and will entertain your little one for hours.

Here is a great printable below! Enjoy!

Thanks for looking and please feel free to comment.


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