Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rain and Clouds: Unit 4

The weather this time of year is always wonderful and beautiful. We love to look at the big beautiful clouds in the sky, and pick out shapes. With rain comes rainbows, and who doesn't love seeing rainbows? I know that rainy weather can cause many kids to be sad, but with my fun activities no one will be bored on those gloomy days. In this unit kids will be playing with cotton balls, shaving cream, reading a great book, and discovering weather. 

Little Cloud By Eric Carle
This book is so wonderful. I love the simple story. The pictures are easy to recognize and your little ones will love following the adventures of this little cloud. There are so many activities you can do that go with this book.

Playdough or Shaving Cream Clouds

This activity can be accomplished in two different ways. It depends on what you have on hand, and how messy you want to get with your child. I made a simple hill, grass, sky and sun background scene placemat. I then laminated them, so they can now be use for many different projects. You can even use them for snack, or other craft activities and then just wipe them down when you are done. Making your own placemats are so easy, and you can get really creative with them. The point of this project is to let your child make clouds either with shaving cream or white playdough. You can get out cookie cutters or just leave it up to there imaginations. This activity is fun and is a great sensory activity.

Painting Clouds
Making your own clouds by painting them is so simple and fun. Your child can paint whatever they like, and then tell you about it. They can paint a bunch of little clouds or one big cloud. They can even try to paint different objects. Just let them have fun. You will need blue paper and white paint for this activity. If you want to go a less messy way you can give your child a little glue and a handful of cotton balls. Then they can create a cloud with out getting out the messy paint. I got out my cookie cutter for this activity and my daughter loved it.

Weather Chart
This is a fun way to track the weather. I like to take my daughter outside everyday and ask her what the weather is like. We sing a fun little song, and we figure out what the weather is like. She really likes it. We then run inside and mark our weather chart. So simple and lots of fun.

Weather Song: (to the tune of london bridges)
Whats the weather like today? Like today? Like today?
Whats the weather like today? On this Wednesday? (fill in the day of the week)

Fun Freebies

Enjoy and feel free to comment!


  1. Hello! Thank you very much for the weather chart! It's very easy and cute for my little students! I am Christina, a kindergarten teacher from Greece. kisses!

  2. Thanks for the cloud printable! I liked up to you here:


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