Monday, March 28, 2011

Egg-xcellent Easter Crafts

Easter is coming! Here are some printable eggs to play with. 

Egg Matching Game

I make a lot of matching games because my daughter loves them. It is a simple game that you can grab and keep in your purse. Pull it out at a restaurant while you are waiting for your food. Play it with the family on Family Night. My daughter likes to play with them by herself too. So that is why I am always posting matching games.

Egg Puzzles

Egg puzzles, super easy to make and a great time consuming activity. This is a great quite time activity. I cut the medium egg pattern several times out of different colored construction paper. I laminated them and then cut out different puzzle like shapes.

Recycled Egg Lace Cards

Easy to make and another awesome quite time activity. Made from a empty cereal box and the large egg pattern. I used a slightly larger hole punch and some lacing string I bought at lakeshore learning center.

I hope this gives you some fun Easter activities to do with your little one. 



  1. What a good idea! I will have some easterfun tomorrow with my kids using your printables. Thanks for sharing :-)

    /Helle (from Denmark)

  2. Simple and cute! I would love to see you participate in our weekly linky called High paw (we have a bear mascot so that's the name for). It's all about ideas for playtime for toddlers. You can check out what we do here:

  3. Cute I used this matching game for my young woman activity. They loved it.thanks a lot....

    a 14 year old young woman.

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