Monday, August 23, 2010

Bear Puppet Tutorial

What do I need:
Two pieces of brown felt
One small piece of pink felt (nose)
Bear Puppet Pattern (click here)
Matching Thread
Glue Gun

Pin and cut out one main Bear piece and the other pattern parts on one sheet of brown felt. Cut out the nose on the small scrap of pink felt.

Fold ears...

Pin ears on to back of the main piece...

Sew on eyes...

Sew on muzzle...

Sew on nose...

This is what the face should look like.

Pin bear on to second piece of felt.

Cut all the way around the bear, also cutting around the ears.

Sew all the way around the out side of the bear.

Sew around ears.

Hot glue on the eyes.



  1. Ella's hair looks absolutely gorgeous. How does she like it? Loved your blog. Good for you.

  2. Are you doing the Joy Preschool this year?

  3. Nope no joy school this year. Ella is going to the school district preschool in the afternoon and in the morning we are going to do some extra homeschooling with just her and me. Which is mainly organized play with a bunch of academics.


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