Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exploring the Ocean: Unit 1


The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow fish is a wonderful picture book. The story is simple and to the point. The pictures are beautiful and shiny. Rainbow fish is a beautiful fish that lives in the ocean. He is so beautiful that everyone comments and gives him lots of attention. One day a admiring fish asks rainbow fish if he can have one of his beautiful silvery scales. Well, rainbow fish says no and it makes the other fish realize that he might be a beautiful fish but he is very selfish. They start ignoring him and he realizes that no one wants to be his friend. He is very sad and seeks help from a wise octopus. The octopus tells him that to be a good friend is to be selfless. In order to have friends again he will have to give up his silvery scales. Rainbow fish doesn't feel that he can do that, but much rather be happy than be sad and alone. So he gives each of his friends a silvery scale, at first it is very hard, but then he realizes it makes him feel good to give to others. In the end he decides to give up all his beautiful silvery scales.

The Pout-Pout Fish

The Pout Pout Fish is a funny little fish that spreads gloom all over the sea. He is so depressed and all his friends try to give him ideas on how to be happier. Instead he tells them he can't and blubbs all over spreading his gloom. Suddenly a beautiful fish comes right up to him and with out talking kisses him on the cheek. That single act of kindness changes the pout pout fish. Then pout pout fish realizes something, he doesn't want to be a pout pout fish anymore. He wants to be a kiss kiss fish, he then gives smooches to all his friends. This picture book is very easy to read, and is very silly. It will make you little one laugh.


This week we are making these five projects. A purple jellyfish, a recycled octopus, a scaly rainbow fish, a turtle and some fishy friends on a stick. See below for tutorials and links on how to do these fun projects.


I found this project on a wonderful site that has a lot of crafts for all ages. 

Fish Puppets 

I have found that little kids love things glued to Popsicle sticks. This sounds funny but it is true. I know that these are fish on a stick, but to a little kid they are fun puppets

Recycled Octopus

This little octopus is so easy to make. You will need an empty plastic bottle, tissue paper, googly eyes, scissors. To start you will need to cut the bottom of the bottle off. Cut up toward the bottle, making eight legs. Flatten out the legs and spreading them out. Stuff some tissue paper in the head of the bottle. Add googly eyes and enjoy.

Rainbow Fish

Here is the fish pattern I found online. I cut out rainbow scales and found some shiny circle sequence.

Turtle shell

I precut out this fun turtle shape and then I cut a bunch of square pieces of tissue paper. I Just randomly pasted them on. Super easy and fun. Here is the turtle pattern.


Playing in moon sand with some ocean creatures. Here is how you make moon sand from one of my earlier posts. Click Here If you look in my recipe section you will find some other fun goops and gaks too. 

Water bins are probably the easiest sensory activity that you can do. I just used a big shallow plastic bin. I add water and some toys. Instant fun for all, this can be an supervised inside activity or a unsupervised outside activity. I add just enough water to splash and have fun but not enough if a young baby were to slip and fall they could drown in.

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