Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homemade Dill Pickels

I picked up some pickling cucumber at my local farmers market last week, and I finally got around to pickling them. It is fairly easy and not very expensive. You do not need a pressure cooker to make them, just a simple water bath. Which is a basically a pot of hot water that covers the jars completely.

Supplies you will need:
Lids (new, for the best seal)
Jar Lifter
Large Pot
Pickling Salt (I used kosher salt)
Pickling Cucumbers (they are smaller and more bumpy than regular cucumbers)
Fresh Bulb of Garlic
Fresh Dill
White vinegar

3 cups Water
2 cups Vinegar
1/4 cup Salt

First clean and cut your cucumbers into desired shape. You can cut spears or circles whatever you prefer. I did half spears and half circles. Fill a large bowl with water and place cucumbers in it. Cover with tin foil and let cucumbers soak in the cold water over night. This will help your cucumbers absorb all the the yummy flavors when you add the brine later. After you let them soak, drain and get ready for pickling. Get your garlic cloves ready by removing all the outside skin. Make sure your dill and garlic are ready to use. Get your brine ready on the stove. Bring your brine to a boil. You may need to double your recipe of brine depending on how many pickles you want to make. Sterilize your lids, and jars in hot water or run them on a hot rinse cycle on your dish washer. Make sure you have your large pot with boiling water ready before you take you jars out of the hot dishwasher or hot water. Now you are ready to load your jars. Put a few garlic cloves and some dill at the bottom of each jar. Pack your cucumbers in tightly. Then add a few more garlic cloves and dill to the top, making sure nothing is sticking out of the jar and not above the brim. Add your brine, leaving a 1/2 inch clearing from the brim. You do not want to fill your jars to the top, it is very important you leave the 1/2 inch or you jars may explode in the water bath or crack while in your pantry. Wipe the brim with a cloth for the best seal. Add lid and ring. Place all your jars in the water bath for 15 min. Remove from water bath. Let cool on counter over night. Lids should be sucked in, if they are not put your pickles in the refrigerator. For the best flavor wait a few weeks to eat them. The longer you wait the more flavor they will have. Enjoy!

Just as a footnote, we try our best to eat whole foods and organically. I used organic white vinegar, organic pickles and garlic from a local farmer, and kosher salt. I did try to grow cucumbers this year but sadly we didn't have a very sunny summer so none grew. 

Happy Pickle making to all!


  1. How long will they keep? A year?

  2. Yep, one year.... But if you are my family... They eat them all up really quick.


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