Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rio Bird Play Wings

My daughter just adores the new movie Rio. She pretends to fly around the house and squawks like a bird. So I decided to make her some wings. She was so excited about them she wore them for three days straight, yes even at night she slept with them. They are very easy to make and I even made a spare pair for when her friends visit. My daughter and our little neighbor played Rio for hours the other day. Thanks to these fun little wings they were really able to pretend in style.

Using two layers of flannel. You can by it by the yard at your local fabric store. I measured my daughter wing span, she is five. Her wing span and her little 5 year old friends was about 42 inches. 

So I folded the fabric in half, and then I drew on it with some sidewalk chalk. You can see that it took a few tries to get them looking how I wanted them to look. The chalk comes right off, draw till you get what you want.

I then cut them out. See so easy. When sewing the two fabrics together you just sew around the top and bottom edges. I did not sew around the feathers. I just sewed on across the top of them so that they would flow and look like feathers. On the red ones I made I cut different colors of separate pieces of felt and stuck them in between the two layers feathers in the spaces. 

I then added 1/4 inch elastic to arms and hand areas. 

Here are the red rainbow ones I made. They look like a parrot. 


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