Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rag Dolly

I have been going through some of my fabric scraps lately trying to think of some fun projects. I have a few remnant pieces of fleece that I have been wanting to use. This cute little rag doll was made from a cream polar fleece, some black thread, polyester fiberfill and some brown yarn. I stuffed her with the extra polyester fiberfill from my fabric pumpkins I made last week. I think she turned out pretty well. I did do a lot of hand stitching on her and it took me a good two day to complete her. Her little face I hand stitched and all her hair was carefully stitched all over her head. All in all she was pretty easy to make. I drew her pattern on a piece of 17x11 construction paper. The pattern I provided below will need to be cut and taped together. Her little dress was just something I hand stitched together, nothing fancy, just a basic dress pattern. The little dress still has raw edges and I think I might keep it that way.

I hope you enjoy this cute little rag doll. Please feel free to leave comments. I would also love to see if anyone uses the pattern and what there rag doll ended up looking like.


  1. I searched everywhere for a pattern such as yours. My little friend Gracie's doll is falling apart and she asked me if I could fix her and give her "new skin". Gracie was just adopted by her step-father so I told her I would make Yellow Dolly a sister. Your pattern is perfect! Very easy to follow. Yellow Dolly now has an adopted sister :-)


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