Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Homeschool Schedule

This is our ice cream cone preschool schedule, every week day we check our schedule after breakfast. Then for two hours Ella and I have a lot of fun. We have Circle time, snack, learning centers, art, and music. We read and count. We sing and dance. She loves it and I love planning it. The schedule was really easy to make and it keeps us on task. Plus Ella always knows what is coming next because when we are done with a scoop I take it off and there is the next activity.


  1. Very cute - where do you get your ideas for home-school curriculum?

  2. I look online and I have a bunch of books. I have a certificate in early childhood education, so I have a bunch of resources from those classes. Plus I taught for about three years before we had Ella. I just mainly do it for fun because she does attend a reverse mainstream preschool through the school district.


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