Saturday, September 4, 2010

All About Me: Unit 2

We are starting a new theme next week. We are going to learn all about ourselves. We are going to discover different feelings, learn about our body, and explore our five senses. Here are some fun activities we are going to do, plus a lot more to come.


Go Away, Big Green Monster! This book is very colorful and each page builds a part of the big green monster. This book is fun when learning about the face. The book slowly builds a monster face and then slowly reconstructs it. This is a perfect book to use with a felt board with. You can letting your students help you build the face. Very cute and very simple even for the littlest of children.
Get up and move with this fun book. Your students will love to try to move like the animals in this book. Very easy reading even for little ones and beautiful pictures.

 This book is also easy and simple to read. Five senses seen from a little kids point of view. Pictures illustrate the fives senses well, your students will like and name objects in this book easily. I made these cards below to go with the book, so your students can hold them or you can use them as a visual aid while you read.


Body Part Bingo

This bingo game was so easy to make. I found these wonderful cards in a preschool book called "The Complete Resource Book: an early childhood curriculum." It has a wonderful array of ideas and a great picture index.

Fishing for Feelings and Body Parts

When shopping at Lakeshore Learning, I came across this fun fishing poles. I use them all the time. They are  great at teaching hand and eye coordination skills. With this lesson I simple drew and wrote different body parts and feelings of several fish cut them out, laminated them and hot glued some paper clips to the mouth area. I filled a large shallow plastic bin with shredded blue tissue paper, added the fish and viola a fishing game. Here is the pattern below so you can make one too.

We are also going to learn about different feeling and our five senses. Here are some cute things I have drawn for our circle time lesson. I have colored, cut, laminated and mounted these on to popsicle sticks. I know I use a lot of popsicle sticks. It sounds funny but I find that it is easier for the children to hold and they really like it. So trust me when I say, no matter how old you are, you like things on popsicle sticks. 


  1. I am rev. scott carnes from first united methodist church in normal, il. I am doing a bible study and would like to use your fish patterns in the jr high class. Because I am turning this bible study in as a project for my denomination I would like to have permission to use your pattern and receive permission for use by First United Methodist Church so that I could use it in-house and for my board project. Would that be possible?

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