Sunday, September 5, 2010

Preschool Resource Books

I have several Preschool books that I love. Not only do I use online resources but I often use resources I have at home in books. Of course when I can't find what I need in either, I create my own, but I hope this helps anyone who is wondering where to start. Most of these books are by a company called Carson-Dellosa Publishing, there illustrations are wonderful and they publish some of my favorite preschool resources.

Giant Book of Preschool Activities By Carson-Dellosa

This book is so adorable. I love the illustrations, the pictures are really fun and simple. They have tons of ideas for about 26 themes. I can't say much more than, I love this book.

Patterns By Carson-Dellosa

Here is my new book that I just got today. It has just been released and it is wonderful. It is by the same company as the "Giant book of Preschool Activities." This book is a pattern book. Every pictures is ready for you to copy and color. You can use these fun patterns with really any theme. Make a coloring book or shrink them down to use in a fun game. It really is a wonderful and I can't wait to use it.

File Folder Games By Carson-Dellosa

This book is also by the same company as the first two books. They really make wonderful resources. These file folder games keep my daughter busy for a long time. I have a church binder I have put together with file folder games, and it entertains my daughter all through the first hour of church. That of course will be another post, that is coming soon. 

Mini work books By Carson-Dellosa

I have the dot to dot and the scissor skills books. They are great at teaching early writing skills and cutting skills. Both of these will prepare your little one for kindergarten. I copied and laminated these in to a binder. I keep a dry erase marker at the front so my daughter can complete them and then I can clean them off to use again.

Year-Round Early Childhood Themes

This book might not have as many themes as the others but it is an excellent book. It has wonderful illustrations and lots of great ideas. It covers language development, math, sensory, motor skills, art, cooking and more.

The Complete Resource Book: An Early Childhood Curriculum

This giant book is okay. It has a lot of good ideas and a lot of themes. I like how it is organized. I have used it for ideas, but my favorite part of this book is the index. There index is full of pictures, recipes, games, and so much more. It is worth getting for the awesome index.

Totline Mini Art and Science Books

I have about 9 of these mini Totline Books. Each has about 15 pages that are full of activites for Art and Science. Each Art book addresses simple tools like; crayons, stamps, stickers, tissue paper, playdoh, glue, yarn and more. Each science book shows fun activities with simple tools like; water, bubbles, bugs and much more. I love how basic they are. I can take the simple tools they teach an apply them to any theme or activity.

All together these book give me tons of wonderful ideas. Feel free to comment below or suggest your favorite early education resource book.

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  1. So many great ideas! Thanks for posting all of this stuff - you are amazing! :)


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