Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Basket Redo

I enjoy very much revamping things from the year before. Especially when that something is still like new and was used for one day. My daughters easter basket from last year had Dora the Explorer embroidered on it. She is turning 5 this year and isn't in to Dora anymore. So I revamped the liner in the basket. I don't want to take apart the liner because I might want to reuse it in the future. So I put together some simple supplies to copy the pattern. I used some wrapping paper, my sewing pins and sewing scissors. 

The bottom of this liner is shaped like a circle so I simply pinned it to a peice of wrapping paper and cut around it.

I left about a half inch for sewing, all the way around the pattern.

So simple! I also did the same thing on the sides, which were two rectangles with half U shapes cut out of the top corners.

I pinned my newly made patterns to the fabric. I cut out two rectangle pieces and one circle. I then sewed the side of the rectangle pieces together. Then I attached it by sewing the bottom circle on. Then I made my own bias tape from some cute matching pink polka dotted fabric. I attached the bias tape to the side handle U shapes first and then finished it with two long strips of bias tape along the top edge that folds over. Making sure that I made them extra long so I could tie the hanging edges on the sides into a bow. After made my bows on  the sides, I trimmed the ends.

What I love about good strong easter baskets is you can change the liner every year to fit what your child would like. I can't wait till easter, I know my daughter will love her basket.

Thanks for looking!

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