Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dress Revamp

My four year old (almost 5 year old) is getting taller and taller. I bought two adorable dresses during the summer at target and now they are too short. To short to wear but to long for a shirt.  I was so sad to put these in our goodwill bag. They are so cute and she only wore them for a few months. I just had to make them into something she could still wear. I simply trimmed two strips off the bottom of each dress and sewed them as one ruffle on the bottom raw edge, making them into two very cute shirts. I even had extra fabric from a thick bottom hem, so I made an adorable little matching flower for the flowery dress. I have some extra from the polka dot dress to that I am going to use to make into a headband. I had so much fun revamping these, that I think I may go through my goodwill bag and revamp more of her clothes.

Second dress I revamped. Both of them turned out really cute.



  1. Joanna, you are very resourceful. You are amazing. Very nicely done.

  2. So cute Zany! Love your creativity! mom


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